Chartered Accountants continue to 'Secure your Success'

Stephen Bradshaw

It has been a busy few months and we're now in a position to share our latest work for Chartered Accountants Ireland. Our stars in this campaign are not actors, or extras, they are fully qualified Chartered Accountants.

What they have in common is that they all qualified through the Chartered Accountants Ireland Flexible Route. Those who take road means they get to keep their existing jobs while studying and learning remotely.

For anyone who's always wanted to be a qualified Chartered Accountant and didn't go through the traditional way, this is a no brainer really.

What's more, these stars are working in some of the most amazing places, like Google, The Irish Cancer Society, GNC and the booming pharmaceutical industry. Equally, they are entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Advocacy campaigns are quite popular at the moment, and there is a reason for this.

People trust people.

This campaign is all about the people who've qualified through the flexible route. Our research and interviews highlighted that each person committed to the course and the cause. They understood in order to realise their potential, they had to focus and organise themselves for the duration of the course.

Once qualified, the Chartered Accountant symbol became a badge of pride and a passport to the world.

As the great creative David Trott once said "We are exposed to over 1,000 ads a day however, 89% of these ads fail" because they are like wallpaper. We hope that this campaign is part of the 11% that gets noticed.

With the 'Secure your Success' platform we are giving the Chartered Accountants their voice through online video, blog posts, social posts and digital display, their words, determination and commitment is the inspiration for this campaign. In time as the campaign embeds itself, we will release more stories of other advocates who have qualified through the
Flexible Route.

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